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    Punta Canoa: Laboratorio Ceniacua.
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Aware of the opportunities that our country has to develop mariculture in two oceans is underway adaptation of technological packages in species with commercial potential to provide a new segment of the national aquaculture production .

Mariculture in Colombia is a viable alternative to improve marine resources and reasonable use of them , which involves fishing communities and must be consistent with the development of management policies which naturally decreases pressure on fishing . Our center is focused on research and adaptation of technology packages from different marine tropical species with aquaculture potential .

For the past eleven years we have done research in reproduction of mutton snapper and spotted rose snapper , producing red tilapia systems bio -floc high salinity, polyculture of Nile tilapia and shrimp, closed production cycle of cobia, and today we entered the adaptation of grouper and pompano in captivity.

Cobia (Rachycentron canadum)

  • It is a promising aquaculture species , their growth is accelerated and reach in captivity 5 kg in a year. It is a fish export for their high nutritional value and quality. Currently available technology reprodcucción in captivity , larvicultura and fattening of this species open sea.

Mero Guasa (Epinephelus itajara)

  • A fish of great commercial importance worldwide . Currently we conducted the first tests of adaptation of this species in captivity , evaluate their growth and perform research in order to close the cycle of this species.

    (Trachinotus sp)

    • A marine fish with aquaculture potential internationally. We are performing research of this species , its growth is evaluated and tries to reproduce in captivity.