• Bogotá: Cra 70 F No. 78 A - 84. 
    Cartagena: Calle 32 No. 8A – 33 CC La Matuna Ofic. 215
    Punta Canoa: Laboratorio Ceniacua.
  • contacto@ceniacua.org
  • Bogotá: +57-1-2517321 
    Cartagena: +57-6-6601265
    Punta Canoa: (576) 735092.

About us:

CENIACUA produces the technological and scientific knowledge applicable to the Aquaculture, with the competition of human resources, physics and economics of the nation with the participation of businessman from the sector, to develop productivity and sustainable development of colombian aquaculture.


  • Join public and private resources with the puropuse of improving productivity and sustainable develop of colombian aquaculture to increase its offer in national and international market.


  • Achieving excellence in the aquaculture sector of the country with the application of the best world technology in genetics , health, nutrition and management of their crop species , and from it , to conquer the international market to generate wealth and prosperity to the people of Colombia .


  • • Certified veterinary diagnostic laboratory by the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA what makes us potential sensor surveillance system in aquaculture in the country. Resolution 001 868 April 22, 2013 .

    • Certification by the County Administrative Department of Health - PRO DADIS giving the animal health laboratories for technical concept meet the health conditions for the research and diagnosis in accordance with the provisions of the Act 09 of 1979 .